Thursday, December 11, 2008

CBYX-- for the thousandth time

Hey guys--
recently i've gotten SO much help from SO many people with CBYX
there have been some blogs i've been stalking such as:

If you are interested in applying for CBYX (congress-bundestag youth exchange) or want to find out more info about it, i reccommend you go to their website, and follow it to your region's website
cbyx national website:

i know i've said this a thousand times, but this is a WONDERFUL opportunity, and i really feel like you should apply. you have like a 1/4 chance. because i have never been on this trip, im not a very good resource. but i recommend visiting
for any information about ANY exchange program to ANYWHERE ever.... its wunderbar!
also, there's always the good, old facebook stalk approach. search "CBYX 2008-2009" for a group, join, then message someone in the group. its weird, but it works. AUSGEZEICHNET! JA!
also check out
he is currently on the CBYX and is VLogging about it, ch-ch-check it out!

I really have not blogged as often as i have meant to. but i do some VLogging... my youtube account is...
yaaa! FTW!

stay classy,