Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vegetarinism... a habit?

Hello my dearies,
So... part of the agreement i have with my parents about going to Germany is that I have to give up my vegetarianism....
I'm scared. like REALLY actually frightened by this. Whenever I think of eating meat, i just feel like I'm going to puke =[. To be honest, I don't see anything wrong with killing animals, it's the METHODS they use that disturbs me. But, now, the thought of eating meat/dead cells/flesh just... makes me nauseous. The thought of the texture and consistency makes me gag. The thing I don't get is why. I eat tofu-meat [tofu that looks and feels like meat].
I wouldn't mind not being a vegetarian at this point.... but i just gag whenever i tihnk about meat. what am i supposed to do? not think about it?? ackk.

bis bald and stay classy my little lemon droplets,

Monday, April 6, 2009


WOW. wow. wow. wow. wow. I wish i was more articulate so I could describe all of this. I feel like this blog is just going to be me listing a bunch of websites and telling you to go to them. Because its all I do. xD.
Hahahaha. well I just found out that my FAVORITE musical of all time is coming to the DC metro area while I'm in Germany, and this is how a convo with one of my best friends went:
[18:59] friend: also, there's a page about auditions for [title of show]. so it won't be the original cast.
[19:00] me: i want heidi susan jeffrey hunter
[19:00] friend: me toooooooooo.
[19:01] friend: and then it was like "the roles of blah blah blah and blah blah blah are already filled" and I was like whaaaat?
[19:01] friend: like, not heidi susan jeff hunter.
[19:01] me: wahhhh
[19:01] me: i feel like whining
[19:01] friend: waaah. call the wahhmbulance.
[19:02] me: HAHAHAHAHAH

HAHAH. wahhbulance. thats clever. points for her!!!!
ive recently discovered that i like rap.... mostly german rap [effarr and die fantastischen vier]. and girl rap [like Lady Sovereign or MIA].
Heres some more blog links!
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ill add more as i see them. i dont know what else to talk about xD
stay classy, my cuppycakes of tomorrow,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Screams of Joy

Hi friends!
It's been months since I've updated... so I'll catch you up as much as I can. On February 5th, I was alerted that I was a semi-finalist for CBYX. On March 14th, I had my interview in Richmond, Virginia. I met a bunch of really cool kids. It was REALLY fun. Tips for future applicants:
-Don't be nervous [everyone says it, but its true. theres no reason to be nervous you can't FAIL an interview. they just want to know more about you]
-walk in knowing WHY you want to be there and why they should pick you
-look clean. no cleavage. wear clean clothes. take a shower, wash your hair/face. be PRESENTABLE.

Today, at approximately 4:24PM, I got a call from area code 207-- portland maine, home of CIEE. I was on the phone with my mom when the number showed up on call wating. I told i'd call her right back, and checked the other line; it was ciee. i cried. I think I might have scared FRank [guy from CIEE CBYX]......

however, i have a dilemma. I'm not sure my dad will let me go. Any tips?

Stay Classy,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I would apologize, but...

I would LOVE to say that I'm sorry I have not blogged in a long time, but I will not. For two reasons.
1. Only like two people read this
2. I've found something better... pokemon.

I got pokemon diamond for christmas because my brother refuses to let me play ANY of his pokemon games in fear that I will "ruin his file" by... I don't know.... getting cute pokemon and just putting them in beauty contests? But the point is, now I have it... and I am obsessed. I stay up until like 11.30 or 12.00 because my eyes are glued to the 2 screens, and my fingers are glued to the stylus.
I truthfully see no reason as to why the hunger for pokemon has died down so much. ITS SO FUN! I. Am. Obsessed. I started playing it last Sunday (a week ago), and I've already evolved like 4-5 pokemon, and won a couple ribbons. Currently, I'm only in Hearthrome (or something like that?) and it's like that show "Little Beauties" people enter their pokemon into these beauty pageant-esque competitions... and even though it sounds so morally ...backward, it's outrageously addictive and fun and it's just SO hard to stop.
I will be the first one to admit it. I have a problem. But it's not a problem that I want to rid myself of, sadly. I just wish I had one of those time turners, like in Harry Potter, so I could stay up for weeks, playing pokemon without missing ANY school/homework/important information.... That would be the life

Has anyone been keeping up with the secret briefcases that people like "sxephil" got? Has the secret been "released"? I havent been keeping up, and therefore, am lost.

Recently, information has been released that our school's musical will be "Fiddler on the Roof," though I would have loved to have actually auditioned (I didnt have enough time to prepare, and was a little stressed) and been in it, I'm sort of.... relieved. This has nothing to do with pokemon xD, but I want more time to do things that Im actually good at. Honestly, I have no chance of making a living doing theatre, however, I do enjoy doing it. And while I may do a show from time to time, I cannot make it my life. I want more time to be a teenager. I've been so busy with school (even as far back as 4th grade, I would have to stay up til 9.00 doing homework some nights), that I don't beleive I've really gotten to live out my "free years." After highschool, I'll have college, and after college I'll have a job and maybe a family. I'm starting to feel like I really just don't have enough time. Life is too short, and I've got much to much to do, not including the hours of homework I should be doing right now. School should NOT be as much as it is. If you can't get done what you need to in the 7-8 hours we're at school (and therefore feel the need to assign homework), you're not doing your job efficiently enough. (Although I will make an exception for math homework, because I do beleive that it is necessary and helps students to master the material). But projects and such, I honestly see no need for. When teachers ask us what we learn from projects I generally just bullcrap it, and give them the answer they WANT to hear. There's always an exception, but I believe most projects do not really teach us anything. They are just something that the teacher can put done for a grade. School is starting to become all that students know and/or think about. They aren't getting enough time to realize their full potential in other activities, such as sports and art.
Kids have no time to be kids.

Wow. That was one long rant xD.... sorry about that..

but stay classy, my little blue elephant babies.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

CBYX-- for the thousandth time

Hey guys--
recently i've gotten SO much help from SO many people with CBYX
there have been some blogs i've been stalking such as:

If you are interested in applying for CBYX (congress-bundestag youth exchange) or want to find out more info about it, i reccommend you go to their website, and follow it to your region's website
cbyx national website:

i know i've said this a thousand times, but this is a WONDERFUL opportunity, and i really feel like you should apply. you have like a 1/4 chance. because i have never been on this trip, im not a very good resource. but i recommend visiting
for any information about ANY exchange program to ANYWHERE ever.... its wunderbar!
also, there's always the good, old facebook stalk approach. search "CBYX 2008-2009" for a group, join, then message someone in the group. its weird, but it works. AUSGEZEICHNET! JA!
also check out
he is currently on the CBYX and is VLogging about it, ch-ch-check it out!

I really have not blogged as often as i have meant to. but i do some VLogging... my youtube account is...
yaaa! FTW!

stay classy,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long time, no post, eh?

Hey guys!

sorry it's been so long since I posted last! ...Not like anyone reads this. But I am ALMOST done with my CBYX application. I don't want to jinx anything by saying this, but I think I'm a really good match for the program... I won't say anything else, because I'm almost sure I just jinxed it..... god im such a jinx

HAHAHA. get it? jinx?? pokemon!? god, i crack myself up.

i love pokemon. they're all so cute. especially the pre-togepi pokemon. not to say togepi isnt cute, i mean, look at those cute feet!

my brother won't let me play the games anymore... he says i'll "ruin his file" even though he's already beat them, and it's not like he's going to play them again. gosh!

if i get into this cbyx thing, my top three cities to be placed in are

1. Köln (Cologne)

2. Dresden

3. Stuttgart
god, i want to get in so bad. i cannot even express how badly i want this.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After my junior or senior year, I am going to steal my friends and we are going to go places. All over our wonderful country-- west coast, east coast, northern border to visit our hat friends, southern border to watch people jump the fence. Anywaysm I'm going to make a list of places I'd like to go, and i'll add a little description for some of them. Maybe a picture-- if you're lucky.

the Winchester Mystery House-- A widow continuously added on to her house, claiming that spirits told her to, and gave her blueprints. When she died, it had 160 rooms, stairways to nowhere, and doors that could lead you to your death

Sierra Nevada- uhm... well... theyre mountains. for hiking, camping, whatevs.

bodie california ghost town- descriptive enough

point mugu california- right outside malibu... obviously beautiful

Salem, Massachusetts- Home of the Salem Witch trials... interesting, eh?

stanley hotel- The real life of hotel that stephen king based "the shining" on.
I think the list is good enough for now. make your own blog about where you'd like to go.