Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long time, no post, eh?

Hey guys!

sorry it's been so long since I posted last! ...Not like anyone reads this. But I am ALMOST done with my CBYX application. I don't want to jinx anything by saying this, but I think I'm a really good match for the program... I won't say anything else, because I'm almost sure I just jinxed it..... god im such a jinx

HAHAHA. get it? jinx?? pokemon!? god, i crack myself up.

i love pokemon. they're all so cute. especially the pre-togepi pokemon. not to say togepi isnt cute, i mean, look at those cute feet!

my brother won't let me play the games anymore... he says i'll "ruin his file" even though he's already beat them, and it's not like he's going to play them again. gosh!

if i get into this cbyx thing, my top three cities to be placed in are

1. Köln (Cologne)

2. Dresden

3. Stuttgart
god, i want to get in so bad. i cannot even express how badly i want this.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After my junior or senior year, I am going to steal my friends and we are going to go places. All over our wonderful country-- west coast, east coast, northern border to visit our hat friends, southern border to watch people jump the fence. Anywaysm I'm going to make a list of places I'd like to go, and i'll add a little description for some of them. Maybe a picture-- if you're lucky.

the Winchester Mystery House-- A widow continuously added on to her house, claiming that spirits told her to, and gave her blueprints. When she died, it had 160 rooms, stairways to nowhere, and doors that could lead you to your death

Sierra Nevada- uhm... well... theyre mountains. for hiking, camping, whatevs.

bodie california ghost town- descriptive enough

point mugu california- right outside malibu... obviously beautiful

Salem, Massachusetts- Home of the Salem Witch trials... interesting, eh?

stanley hotel- The real life of hotel that stephen king based "the shining" on.
I think the list is good enough for now. make your own blog about where you'd like to go.

Monday, November 3, 2008

German Exchange Program

So, I'm really into foreign languages, but I've only had time to take one language at school-- German. I absolutely love it though. I love their architechture (they have castles everywhere.... and electricity!), their culture, their language, and, not to be nationalist, but their guys are typically attractive. At least more attractive than boys here... but that's not saying too much. I mean guys here can be attractive, but then they'll either be jerks or really stupid. Or worse they'll be really attractive, really smart, and then really mean. Ugh, figures.
But anyways, I'm applying to go to Germany for a year (my junior year). I desperately want to get in, and I know it will be difficult. But it means so much. I would come back to America perfectly fluent... and with a KILLER college essay. But if I don't get into the year long one, there's one in the summer that I will probably go to. It won't make me fluent, but at least I'll get to go, right?

anyways, stay classy

What is a blog?

What is a blog? Well, I think it was best put by my cousin Anna, who lives in Alabama. She told me when I was about seven or six years old that a blog was "a place where you write about your life, and people pretend to care." I don't know exactly how I can remember such a fact when I was so young and blogs were just on the uprise, but I did. I believe that this is a sign of my true intellictual capability and superiority (i was just kidding.... really).
What this blog will end up being used for is probably just like a diary, or a grouping of lists put together than none other than myself. I would indeed like to use this blog for more intellectual purposes, but I do have limits, and no one really wants to listen to me ramble about the faults of the Articles of Confederation or the anatomy of a porcupine.
Anyways, if ever you have something to say about one of my posts, just drop a comment, and I'll read it. Unless you're mean. Then I won't.