Sunday, January 11, 2009

I would apologize, but...

I would LOVE to say that I'm sorry I have not blogged in a long time, but I will not. For two reasons.
1. Only like two people read this
2. I've found something better... pokemon.

I got pokemon diamond for christmas because my brother refuses to let me play ANY of his pokemon games in fear that I will "ruin his file" by... I don't know.... getting cute pokemon and just putting them in beauty contests? But the point is, now I have it... and I am obsessed. I stay up until like 11.30 or 12.00 because my eyes are glued to the 2 screens, and my fingers are glued to the stylus.
I truthfully see no reason as to why the hunger for pokemon has died down so much. ITS SO FUN! I. Am. Obsessed. I started playing it last Sunday (a week ago), and I've already evolved like 4-5 pokemon, and won a couple ribbons. Currently, I'm only in Hearthrome (or something like that?) and it's like that show "Little Beauties" people enter their pokemon into these beauty pageant-esque competitions... and even though it sounds so morally ...backward, it's outrageously addictive and fun and it's just SO hard to stop.
I will be the first one to admit it. I have a problem. But it's not a problem that I want to rid myself of, sadly. I just wish I had one of those time turners, like in Harry Potter, so I could stay up for weeks, playing pokemon without missing ANY school/homework/important information.... That would be the life

Has anyone been keeping up with the secret briefcases that people like "sxephil" got? Has the secret been "released"? I havent been keeping up, and therefore, am lost.

Recently, information has been released that our school's musical will be "Fiddler on the Roof," though I would have loved to have actually auditioned (I didnt have enough time to prepare, and was a little stressed) and been in it, I'm sort of.... relieved. This has nothing to do with pokemon xD, but I want more time to do things that Im actually good at. Honestly, I have no chance of making a living doing theatre, however, I do enjoy doing it. And while I may do a show from time to time, I cannot make it my life. I want more time to be a teenager. I've been so busy with school (even as far back as 4th grade, I would have to stay up til 9.00 doing homework some nights), that I don't beleive I've really gotten to live out my "free years." After highschool, I'll have college, and after college I'll have a job and maybe a family. I'm starting to feel like I really just don't have enough time. Life is too short, and I've got much to much to do, not including the hours of homework I should be doing right now. School should NOT be as much as it is. If you can't get done what you need to in the 7-8 hours we're at school (and therefore feel the need to assign homework), you're not doing your job efficiently enough. (Although I will make an exception for math homework, because I do beleive that it is necessary and helps students to master the material). But projects and such, I honestly see no need for. When teachers ask us what we learn from projects I generally just bullcrap it, and give them the answer they WANT to hear. There's always an exception, but I believe most projects do not really teach us anything. They are just something that the teacher can put done for a grade. School is starting to become all that students know and/or think about. They aren't getting enough time to realize their full potential in other activities, such as sports and art.
Kids have no time to be kids.

Wow. That was one long rant xD.... sorry about that..

but stay classy, my little blue elephant babies.


Lizzie said...

Um, Victoria, I love pokemon!
I have pearl. But lately I've been reverting to my retro gameboy color and playing games like Pokemon Yellow.
Pokemon NEVER gets old.

John said...


did you understand all of my german?